Pallet Dividers for Faster Freezing

May 23, 2017
by Tony Kucharski

Pallet DividersPallet spacers, also known as pallet dividers, are used to help air flow circulate throughout a pallet.  They are placed in between the layers of cases on a pallet to keep the cold circulating evenly so each case freezes equally.

Typically the frozen cargo is loaded onto pallets which are then put away in the warehouse.  While the products arranged on the outside of the pallet freeze quickly, the cases loaded in the middle of the pallet are more difficult to bring down to freezing temperature.

Plastic Pallet Spacers/Dividers

In the 1980s, research showed that plastic pallet spacers allowed increased air flow and aided in a faster freezing process and maintenance if required below zero temperatures.  The spacers create space for cold air to penetrate tight spaces.

The density of some products do not require as much air flow to freeze and spacers may not be required.  However, higher density cargo such as meat products need a higher level of air flow to ensure that the freezing temperature is achieved and maintained throughout the supply chain process.

Spacers (or dividers) are non-toxic, non-porous and durable.  Commercial temperature controlled warehouses use the spacers for blast freezing as well as the safe storage of frozen foods.  Sanitization is easily achieved with water or steam and are easy to store.

Ultimately, they also contribute to cost savings as the freezing process is up to 25% faster and therefore uses less energy.

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