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June 04, 2015
by McCook Cold

McCook Cold Storage prides ourselves on our ability to provide small-town customer service philosophies.  Combine that with our state-of-the-art equipment and technology and you have a refrigerated warehouse solution that matches any of our larger corporate competitors.

Since 2006, we have provided safe and efficient temperature controlled services to a diverse range of small to medium sized customers with equally diverse needs.  Don’t let our 10 year existence fool you.  Our management and operational team boast several decades of experience in the refrigerated warehousing industry in Chicago.

Hands-On Employee Involvement from Top to Bottom

It should be noted that all of our employees are part of the decision making process at McCook. From the warehouse maintenance crew up to the owners, everyone is ‘hands-on’ when it comes to properly handling the daily routine or any unique situation that may arise. Our collaboration ensures that safety and cleanliness are paramount to the protection of our customer’s cargo and to our employees.  Things like:

  • Daily in-house inspection of all refrigerated zones and relative equipment that complements our 24/7 computerized monitoring system.
  • Constant training for all employees in accordance with the latest industry and government standards.

What may seem like a mundane routine is actually the reason that we are able to instill trust in the companies that we serve.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

At McCook, we know that we cannot execute our efficiencies without the best equipment and technology.  Our warehouse may seem small compared to large corporate warehouses, but consider these features:

  • Warehouse space of 150,000 sq. ft. which is nearly equivalent to 3 football fields.
  • Over 20,000 pallet positions in specific climatized zones that includes 144 positions in our blast freezing zone.
  • 26 warehouse doors and ample parking area to accommodate 35 trailers.
  • The latest in technology via our Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Our WMS allows our customers to view their inventory in real-time.

And just so you know, we also offer FTL and LTL refrigerated trucking from the Chicago area to virtually anywhere in the continental United States.

These are just a few of the features that we offer so we encourage you to take a look at our video that profiles our cold storage warehouse facility and a chance to meet a few of our day-to-day personnel.  And while you are there, please take a moment and complete our rate request forms.

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