our environment and resources are a concern

McCook Cold Storage has placed a green initiative throughout our facility.

green cold storage warehouse 

Here at McCook, we all do our part to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint.  We've invested lots of time and money in order to help save our natural resources.

In the warehouse & office:

  • LED lights throughout the warehouse
    • Require much less wattage making them more energy efficient and long lasting
  • Variable frequency drives
    • Save energy by consuming only the power that's needed
  • High frequency battery chargers
    • Consume less energy thus reducing wasted electricity
  • Variable speed drives in our refrigeration system
    • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs
  • Office uses technology to communicate electronically as much as possible
    • Reducing the amount of paper consumption

If you're someone concerned with saving our planet, partner with McCook Cold Storage.  We are a green cold storage warehouse doing our part for the environment.