Do you have spices, garlic, or other stinky products to store?


McCook Cold Storage has an odor controlled cooler!

Not very many cold storage warehouses in our area offer an odor controlled cooler, but McCook Cold Storage does!  

Our cooler offers:

  • Temperature setting of 35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2000 pallet positions
  • A sealed wall to keep odor locked away from the rest of the warehouse
  • Deodorizer to keep the odor at bay

Don't forget we also offer:

  • A freezer set to -5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A regular cooler set to 35F
  • Free online inventory access with ordering capabilities
  • EDI
  • Custom traceability

If others are turning you away because of your smell, call McCook Cold Storage! We're the odor controlled cooler warehouse you've been looking for!

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